The Foundation

The Tom and Nancy Smythe Foundation was created to provide an avenue for former players and friends of the Smythe family to financially support high school athletics.  We have a number of goals, all of which will benefit high school athletes. They are:

1)         To pay participation fees or purchase required equipment for any prospective high school athlete who is denied the opportunity to play because of financial limitations.

2)         To financially assist sport programs in need because of budget or program cuts.

3)         Each year to provide a $1,500 scholarship to be used for college expenses for a least one athlete in need of assistance and who demonstrates the qualities of citizenship the foundation supports.  These are:

A) High moral standards

B) Positive leadership skills

C) Dependability

D) Loyalty

The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the assistance of high school sports and athletes in need.  Your tax-exempt contribution will give us the means to foster the continued betterment of our youth through participation in athletics.  It is our desire to have young students who want to participate in athletics be afforded the opportunity, no matter their background or financial status.

The Foundation recognizes the inherent value that sports participation has in our society.  Employers tell us that the qualities learned in the athletic arena, such as dependability, teamwork, self-discipline, competitive spirit, and loyalty are the most important qualities their successful employees demonstrate.  With the Foundation, we hope to give each and every athlete the opportunity to learn these great qualities and become successful and productive members of society.


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