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I Dreamed a Dream….

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Wednesday March 20, 2013 Prague, Czech Republic

Our last practice before our opening game wasn’t very good. It was suppose to be mostly a light, just more speed than a walk through, of special teams and some goal line but it got off to a bad start. After a just ok kick off and return period we moved to punt. Our punter and our deep snapper were not there so we had to find replacements. As is often the case here in Europe, that meant moving players all over the place. Our left side slot would become the punter and our right side slot would move to the left and we moved a defensive player into his old spot. And of course our back up deep snapper fired the first three snaps … Read More »

Fryer Tuck didn’t have it this good…..

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Monday March 11, 2013 Prague, Czech Republic

Our team camp was held about a forty five minute drive into the countryside east of Prague. The field was a very large soccer complex but without football yard lines. A soccer field is considerably wider than is a football field so our spacing became an issue. Other than that it was nicely artificial turfed and what looked and felt to me recently new. All the players commented about how much better it was than our regular practice field.
We were housed in an old monastery in the city of Cerveny Kostelec located in the Hradec Kralove Region just east of Prague. The town’s church is now painted red, representing the fire, which engulfed it in the 17th century, and gave the town its name; červený, meaning red. I’m not sure exactly how old it … Read More »

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