Speech Topics

I can focus on many different areas during my presentations. These are FOUR of my favorite topics.

I.“Winners Win, Losers Bitch”

First, the art of being successful. I will share with you the ideas that have allowed me to be a successful professional over a forty year career.

3. DO’S AND Don’ts
5. OMCI “Outline For Success”

I’ll share stories about each of these areas. I’ll emphasize the points that can and will make others successful. I’ll guarantee satisfaction if you will listen and follow my “Outline For Success”.

II. “Less is Best!”

Adapting and adopting the Law of Diminishing Returns. More is not always better. In fact it usually leads to defeat. I’ll teach you how to streamline your work day and be more successful.

1. Quality Vs Quantity
2. Building your work schedule.
3. When, where, how to work.
4. Time Management
5. Building a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule.

I’ll give you what methods have worked for me over a very long period of time. I’ll share with you the ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’s’ of your work life.

III. “How to Enjoy Life”

Europeans simple secrets to Longevity. Because I have spent so much time in Europe I know and will share with you their secrets to living a long and a happy life.

1. Coffee Breaks
2. Exercise
3. Eating habits
4. Daily Schedule
5. Dealing with tension.

Put your life back on an even keel. Follow these lifestyle ideas that allow Europeans to live longer and happier lives. I’ll give you a plan that will allow you to improve your quality of life.

IV. “I Got Fired…Thank God”

This is an area which gives me a great deal of pleasure in speaking about. Unfortunately too many people in America today can relate to this presentation. Your company is “Down-sizing”; “We’re going to have to cut back”; or simply “You’re Fired!” How do you handle this unpleasant situation? I’ll give you my first hand experience. I’ll share with you what I did, how I did it and why it worked.

1. Initial Reaction
2. Your Response
3. Recovery
4. Beginning Again
5. Success

My personal experience, I call it the Rise, the Fall and Rise again, has given me great insight into this very sensitive area. I’ll share with you the Do’s and Don’t of recovery. You can and will have a better life, after the Fall. I’ll share with you my “Plan to Succeed”.

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