Having been an educator for 39 years I am accustomed to being in front of a group of people. Over the years I have given talks, speeches and lectures to many different gatherings. Students, players, parents, support groups, colleagues have all been my audience. Motivational speaking has occupied most of my professional life. Motivating athletic teams is easy. Lighting a fire under the reluctant student is much harder. Sooner or later both groups need someone to help get the motor running. Some say it is an area that I excel. At any rate, I enjoy sharing my ideas and philosophy’s with others.

I believe that what I have to offer can be of benefit to a very wide range of interest groups. Many of the more famous coaches have made an impact on the “Lecture Circuit”. While not being as visible as a Lou Holz or a John Robinson I never-the-less have a message that is well worthwhile.

I truly enjoy speaking to groups. When I was a sophomore in high school I decided to take a speech class because I knew I would need the ability to speak in front of groups of people. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

Successful coaches wear many hats. They are at times of course coaches. At other times they are mother, father, confidant, counselor, friend, doctor, lawyer and spiritual leader. The roles are many and the expectations are high but the rewards usually justify the commitment.

I began my career in a small high school with barely over 200 students in 1965. My coaching journey has taken me from that beginning to a large suburban high school, a small college, major college, professional and the international level. I have coached in Willamina, Oregon a town of 900 at the time and Vienna, Austria a city of two million. Nearly all of it has been positive.
Motivating others is exciting. It’s something I do well. I am looking forward to sharing my lifetime experiences with anyone willing listen. I’ll adjust my payment to your budget. I’ve spoken to groups for free and for a considerable amount of money. Just let me know what your budget allows and we’ll work out the details.

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“Coach Smythe is an outstanding public speaker. He combines knowledge, insight and humor into his presentations. You won’t want to miss a word no matter the topic. His concepts about Time Management are worth their weight in gold.”   —JOHN RALSTON Retired, former head football coach Stanford U. and Denver Broncos, NFL

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