Mike Riley , Head Coach Oregon State, Former Head Coach San Diego Chargers NFL 

“Tom is one of the foremost authorities on offensive football.  For years he has coached innovative and productive teams.  Development of young football players through basic fundamentals of the sport are his keys to production and winning.  He can provide a young man with real substance in developing as a football player and in lifetime skills.”

Dennis Erickson, Former Head Coach Arizona State University,  U. of Miami, Oregon State University and  San Francisco 49ers NFL

 “Coach Smythe has a long and enviable record as an offensive coach.  His work with the quarterback position has been especially impressive.  He has sent many players on to major college success as well as the NFL.  Young aspiring football players would gain immeasurable benefit by spending time with him.”

Doug Nussmeier, Offensive Coordinator University of Alabama.  Formerly QB Coach St. Louis Rams NFL, Michigan State U. and  NFL  player at New Orleans and Indianapolis

“I had the good fortune to play on one of Coach Smythe’s state title teams. He has coached over a thousand young men, all of them have gained valuable insights into playing football and fitting into a team, be it sports or in the off field world.  He has a creative and imaginative football mind and is in my opinion an offensive genius.  Also, his ability to teach life skills is second to none.“

 Dick Coury  Retired, NFL assistant with Rams, Chargers, Eagles and Broncos.

“No coach in the football business has a more creative style than Tom Smythe. I can say this from first hand knowledge, he coached with me in the USFL and coached my son Steve.

June Jones, Head Coach SMU and former Head Coach U. Hawaii Atlanta Falcons, NFL

“I’ve known coach Smythe since my high school days in Portland, Oregon.  His Lake Oswego team thrashed my Grant H.S. team 55-0.  You need to know only one thing about Tom Smythe…He knows how to Win!”

John Robinson, Retired, former Head Coach USC and Los Angeles Rams NFL

“I first met Tom when he played for me at the U. of Oregon.  Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from Coach Smythe.  Every football coach will benefit, no matter what his interest or philosophy.”

Bruce Snyder, Retired, former Head Coach Arizona State University & U. California at Berkley

“Tom has taken the one back offense to its highest level but it is his philosophy, more than anything, that makes him a winner.  How do I know this?  He was my room mate in the ATO house at the University of Oregon.”

Bob Toledo,   Head Coach Tulane U. and former Head Coach UCLA

“I’ve known coach Smythe for years while recruiting in Oregon. Trust me Implementing Tom’s  ideas and concepts will simply make every coach better.”

Mouse Davis, Offensive Coordinator PSU.  Former Head Coach Portland State University, longtime NFL assistant and the father of the Run & Shoot.

“Tom is first a teacher of football.  His knowledge of the entire game of offensive football may be second to none in the profession.  At any level.”

 Ian Shields,Offensive Coordinator, Army

“I read through it all last night actually! I came away from your site more than encouraged- it speaks to how the game SHOULD be coached, but unfortunately isn’t by many around the nation.

As my coaching career continues, my hope is that I will be able to impact young men in a similar fashion. Providing Positive Leadership, Vision, Creativity, a Determined desire to compete, and Teaching guys how to HAVE FUN playing this great game!

As a young boy growing up in Pendleton, one of the great influences in my life (other than my dad) was Coach Requa, we were very close. I remember how disappointed I was when we moved away from The Round-Up City when I was in the 8th grade. I wasn’t upset about leaving my friends necessarily, but I can recall having tears in my eyes because I knew I would never get to play for Req- oh the influence a coach can have!

Please keep on doing what you do, for as long as you can do it, because nobody has ever done it any better. Our game needs it now more than ever (not the scumbags, politicians, agents, and bankers pretending to be coaches in this day and age…)! You have truly made a difference and have influenced more young men than you’ll probably ever realize- myself included.

Thanks for knowing “what right looks like” and leading the way for so many!”

Player and Parent Testimonials:

Andy Udell. Parent of former player for the Vienna Vikings

Its very important to me, to tell you a few things because, you were one of the most important coachs in Vienna, for the Vienna Vikings. My son played the more or succesfull for this team for 13 Years, but a pretty big part of his motivation, was the fact that you were the headcoach of this team, sometimes he watched you coach the big boys of the A-Team, when was 15, 16, Years old. SAt this Time Shawn Olson the A-Team Quarterback was also HC of the youth Team were he played as a Center. The Influence on Shawn directly went to Danny my Son, because all of your Football tactics and the Plays, they used were the same as you did in the A-Team.
So I saw, that the development of his playing. And Shawn was pretty happy with his Center – my Son.
So I have to say thank you too. Because what he learned in this times  not only how snap a ball to the QB (Of Course he was one of the best ever played for Vikings, the young Hero, the Young Legend Bernd Diitrich) , he learned to face situations, to listen to people who have experience and also to make decisions on his own – also a result that he played football for Vikings …2008 (after many Championship titles, young Boys up to 14 Years, 3 as a Youth Player and 6 for the Juniors/2 where for the Team II of the Big Boys,  he stopped playin’ after 13 Years, then  he did 2 Years a very good Job as an O-Line Coach, also using many things he learned from you. So I have to say thank you, because now he is a skilled Busdriver for the Vienna Transit Authority, takin care every day of hundreds of People carrying from one spot of Vienna to another!

Thank Coach!

Yours Andy Udell

Jack O’Haver, Dec. 15, 2010

Hey coach, I wanted to write you a letter during the football season but I was always way too busy. I know a facebook message is a little lame but I figured that what I have to say will mean as much to you no matter what medium I decided to use. Its been 4 years since I last played football and I really missed the closeness between football players. At other schools that I’ve been to I’ve seen players who can’t stand each other and often fight amongst themselves. I just wanted to tell you that I am truly grateful for you and all the other coaches accepting me as a new brother. At Lakeridge we aren’t just football players, we are brothers. Everyone on the team from JV second stringers to Blake Dutton I would fight beside no matter what the cost. The reason people view you as an amazing coach is because of the bond that you have made all of us feel. It’s not about winning games or rushing yards. It’s all about the feeling that you get when you have the L on your chest. You don’t play for glory, you fight for your brothers. I don’t think that I would have discovered that If I hadn’t played football. One day after practice I had my shirt off and you said “jack, If I were you I’d put a shirt on” you then proceeded to apologize and at the time I wanted to tell you: coach, there Is no need to apologize, we are a family and laughing with one another Is what we do. All In all I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate everything that you have done for me personally. If a JV player can feel like a part of the family then you have far surpassed all other coaches. I look up to you on a personal level and hope that one day I can be a fraction of the man that you are. Can’t wait for next year and I miss you. GO PACERS!!!

Suzanne Swart, Dec. 14, 2010

By the way, Congratulations on your Coach of the Year award. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. Matthew was extremely fortunate to learn, train, and play under your watchful eye. You’re coaching, in a word, is artful. You coach these boys in all the ways to be great football players, but what you are really doing in training them to be wonderful young men. Matthew will carry what he learned from you throughout his life.
All the Best,

Michelle and Mark Dorman, Nov. 2, 2010

Dear Coach,
From a better color blue to hustle work ethic, strong self management opportunities, and school pride, you continue to positively impact our boys. Our son, Drew, has wonderfully benefitted by being in your presence. From the great coaching staff to the great teammates, he
has had an outstanding experience on the Lakeridge team. We are intensely thankful that he has had an opportunity to play his beloved sport. We are grateful. We are thankful for your leadership and wisdom. This is just a quick “atta boy” as you head into playoffs. Have a great day,

Rod Barker, former Lakeridge Pacer

After reading the information you have about your foundation it made me realize how I never thanked you for bringing me to Lakeridge and finding me a place to stay with the Beck’s until my mother was able to move to L.O. I may not have been the prospect you anticipated however what you probably don’t  know is what a life changing experience that ended up being, I was headed down the wrong path and hanging with the wrong kind of people in Vancouver and getting me out of that environment certainly changed my life and I  will always owe that to you and will be forever  grateful and just once again want to say
THANKS Coach !

Jeff Frank, Nov. 13, 2010

I want to express in clear terms, my deep appreciation for the time AJ spent playing football for you this year. I can tell you in very selfish terms that everything I had hoped for him to experience this year playing football seemed to be realized. He felt a part of the team, and felt like the team accepted him. While I was shocked at his decision to play at Lakeridge, his decision not mine, I became more comfortable with his decision each week as I saw how content and happy he was to be on your team. He knew, as I did, that his opportunities for personal gain and recognition would potentially be enhanced in a more solid established program, but he said, ” I want to play for that guy, and let’s see where it goes Dad, I want to have some fun playing football” I will never forget his words on June 7 of this year. So, from a proud father, I want thank you for allowing AJ to be a part of your team, and for letting him have fun playing the game of football that he has loved. As we watched a team struggle last night it seemed hard, but hopefully the kids that remain, learned how important it is to invest now in themselves so they can achieve those lofty goals of a winning program. Good Luck, great job on a successful transition season, and I look forward to watching Pacer football next year. Let have coffee once in a while, I have enjoyed getting to know you.

Respectfully, Jeff Frank

Meg Miller, Nov. 13, 2010
Nate will be able to draw from the life lessons you all taught him for the rest of his life.
The strongest way to a mom’s heart is to be a positive, meaningful part of her child’s life.
You are this to him and more. Words are not enough to say how much you mean to our family, but thank you so very much. With love, Meg Miller

Bob Niendorf, Oct. 12, 2011

“Playing for you served to mold me into the person that I became and that I am today. My memories of those years will be forever inspiring for me.”

Brian Hathaway, April 15, 2010
“Coaches can often have a profound impact on their players, and sometimes the players never get the chance to thank them. Thank You!”

“Anonymous Pacer”. October 21, 2011

“Hey Coach, I’m doing well. Glad to see you’re back at the helm of the Pacer football program. You have a real gift when it comes to molding boy’s into young men. Most of those kids will end up like me, never playing football past high school. But the lessons they learn about striving for excellence, being a team player, and giving it everything you have will pay big dividends for them throughout the rest of their lives. And, I was your ball-boy for several years as a youngster from the Todd Anderson & Thane Cleland day’s all the way to the Fanger, Danchok and Withers day’s. I used to love being on the sidelines listening to you coach the games. Mike Fanger used to tell me to pay attention in the locker room and I’d learn how to win. I still apply the same principals you coached in my life today. Anyway, good luck this year.

Former player. October 22, 2011

“I know I am not alone in saying there is not a single day that goes by when one of your lessons does not pop into my head regarding a situation or obstacle I am facing in my business or personal life. My three daughter’s will tell you they know the “Book of Smythe” chapter and verse. When one thinks about the impact you have had on the lives of so many it is mind boggling frankly and it is a debt we all owe back to the program and it is why I know your turnout this Friday will be an impressive number. If you need anything else, please just ask. Go Pacers!

And a note from a thankful mother….

Hi Coach Smythe,
I’ve been thinking a lot about you since Friday night and I want to tell you a couple things. First, I want you to know you have made Tom’s football experience at Lakeridge absolutely the best. In the three years you have coached him, he has learned so much, and not just about football. You have given him, and the team, the opportunity to be winners. You came back to Lakeridge at exactly the right time for our guy and he has benefited greatly from your coaching knowledge and insight and from your lessons on how to be a good person, and for that we are thankful.

What happened Friday to Tom’s arm was just bad luck. Football is a tough sport and we all go into it knowing that. We are thankful that it wasn’t his neck or head or many other things that could have been much worse. His arm will heal and he will be just fine. I hope the Pacers have a great week of practice and go into Friday’s game ready to win. He’s looking forward to being at practice and helping in any way he can. I want to say thank you for all that you have done for Tom and for what you’ve done for the Lakeridge football program; it’s been huge. We’ll see you on Friday…Go Pacers! Stephanie

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