Retirement is not for everybody….

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February 5, 2014


Like I said, retire and people want you.  Yesterday I agreed to help coach June Jones at SMU when I return from Germany.  The D-1 schools have begun hiring people to work off field helping in areas that used to be done by on staff coaches.   My task will be a multiple one.  First I’ll be an ‘Idea’ guy, consultant if you will.  June says he wants my eyes and my brain.  And he wants me to look at all their video from last season and ‘critique’ the offense.  I did that very thing a few years ago for Mike Riley at OSU and enjoyed it a lot.  June also wants me to help the Mustangs understand and implement the ‘No Huddle’ which he hasn’t done but I’ve been doing it for thirty years.  The final part of my ‘job’ will be to help Dan Morrison, the QB coach, by paring down the recruit list of QB’s by again watching video and selecting a top ten list.  Dan won’t need to spend time watching video of players that aren’t good enough to offer scholarships.  We’ll work well together as Dan worked for me at LC while working on his master’s degree.

The best news is I’ll be able to begin soon as I can do nearly all my tasks on the internet. I won’t need to be in Dallas, Texas. They’ll give me the ‘password’ to their video and it doesn’t matter where I am.  Certainly I’ll have a lot of free time while in Saarbrucken to get started in my new job.  And by the time I do get to Dallas I’ll be familiar with their offense and will be up to speed on everything they’ve done while I was coaching in Germany.

The retirement didn’t last very long.  Fine with me, you can only play so much (2) download)JUne

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