God Bless the Broken Road…..

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December 13, 2013

I’ve officially retired. My last season wasn’t really a season at all and as it turns out, but that’s ok. I’ve left Lakeridge high school and high school football in my rear view mirror. It was a mostly good ride. Most of my friends would say way better than that. A few hundred wins and three state titles will look good on my tombstone I guess.
It’s my birthday. I was born on Friday the 13th in 1940. Omaha, Nebraska to be exact. Right now I’m sitting in my brothers back yard in Lafayette, California listening to Rascal Flats “God Bless the Broken Road, that led me straight to you.” Somehow it seems fitting. My road was broken now and then but for the greater part of a 48 year career it wasn’t broken at all. It lead me into the Oregon and European hall of fame and that’s pretty cool.
When the phone rang and it was long distance, from Germany actually, I wasn’t particularly surprised. If you’ve had a good career the day after you retire the phone rings with people wanting to lure you back. It turned out to be a team from Saarbrucken which is 100 miles northwest of Munich, below Luxembourg and nearly touching the French border.
I wasn’t planning on coaching again right away. I thought maybe down the road I’d do it again in Europe. But the more they talked the easier it was for me to agree and accept their offer. It is in a very nice part of Europe and the atmosphere coaching American football in Europe is exactly what I need. They play hard, just like here in the USA, but they seem to have a better feeling of perspective. There are no parents and no administrators. I like that. To be fair 99% of both parents and administrators were fair to me and many became good friends.
It didn’t take much persuasion to convince Nancy that we needed a new adventure. She’s in love with Europe and the fact we’ve been able to spend parts of thirteen years sipping wine or coffee at outdoor café’s in Vienna and other beautiful cities didn’t hurt. As usual I’ll head over first and my wife of twenty six years will follow a month or so later. Here we go again.

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