Win or Lose….Football is a battle of physical prowess

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Monday May 13, 2013 Zagreb, Croatia

The good news is the Black Panthers won. The bad news is the Zagreb Thunder didn’t. That my friends puts me on a personal six game losing streak here in Europe. I don’t like the feeling.
Our game actually was the second in a double header. The first game was between the other Zagreb team, the Raiders, and the Moribor Generals from Slovenia. It gave me a chance to do some scouting. The Raiders are our next opponent, in the second of two meetings during the league season. The 21-0 score in favor of the Raiders gave us our first league loss after a close win, making the season record heading into today’s game 1-1.
As a first game spectator I had a chance to take a number of telling photographs. The following pictures should give you a pretty good example of what American football is like here in Croatia and in the Balkans in general. It ain’t D-1.
The Generals entering the field.


And, just like in America the pink sox are in support of breast cancer.

The teams lining up before the game while both Anthems are played.


Cheer squad getting into the act. They are a bit more advanced than the football.


The locker room.


You can see the shower in the upper left hand corner. Thirty five or so players try to cram into the room built for a soccer team of ten. But it’s very clean and of course no one complains. Oh, the players actually shower after the game, unlike our American players. Go Figure.

A Raider player being worked on at halftime by the emergency medical staff.


Like in America the game can’t begin until medical people are present. It’s usually an ambulance parked near the end zone. My first year in Austria we had to plead with them not to run out on the field everytime a player was down, as they do in the other football (soccer).
The goal posts are somewhat ‘makeshift’, and a bit short!19_6


Notice the ‘bare’ spot in front of the soccer goal.

Something you’ll never see in America. A dual team photo at the end of the game.


Or, a four team photo before the second game commences.


I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat it here. I’ve never had a team in America that had so much fun playing football. These young men get such a kick out of playing and when the game is over you’ll see them chatting and laughing with the opponents for a long time.
It’s football as I guess it was a hundred years ago when the game was invented. A bunch of ‘Warriors’ trying to win a battle of physical prowess. In that sense the game hasn’t changed much.

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