On to Zagreb….

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Monday April 22, 2013 Prague, Czech Republic

The European coaching experience is always interesting, that’s a proven fact. I told you all that our team lost its main sponsor just before the season began and of course it was only a matter of time before financial issues would become a problem. Last week management asked the American players and assistant coaches to take a 50% pay cut and to share living accommodations. Both of those options were totally unacceptable. It was my suggestion to save money by letting me go and using my salary and apartment savings to give to the imports. Today they made the decision to agree and I am no longer the head coach here for the Black Panthers. It was the smart move. I’ll leave this organization in good spirits after making more good friends here in Europe and wish them well. If they can find new and solid sponsorship for next season they’ll be headed down the correct path.
The good news is I’ve got a very nice opportunity to work in Zagreb, Croatia where I coached two seasons ago. It was where I was originally going to coach this season but when the Prague opportunity came up I chose to accept that challenge. In hindsight it was a decision that I made too hastily. Nancy and I will pack our belongings and head down to Vienna for a few days of relaxation and then on to Zagreb. We set up a cruise, with Nancy’s sister and her husband, in late July so at least we’ll be closer to joining them in Split on the beautiful Adriatic coast.

Nancy has done her usual good job of being the tour guide, selecting activity here in Prague. Yesterday we took a ‘walking’ tour of part of the city we hadn’t been too before and had a delightful time. On Wednesday we’ll jump on a bus and travel about an hour east to visit a beautiful medieval castle.
I’ve selected some photo’s of our little journey yesterday for your view.


This is taken from old town square. That’s not me relaxing on that bench but it could have been.

Nancy of Charles Bridge

Nancy on the Charles bridge.

chap 14_pic 3

The view from the Castle side of the bridge.

chap 14_pic4

The view from a small restaurant along the river, while enjoying a glass of red.

2 responses to “On to Zagreb….”

  1. MG Atwood says:

    Hey, we will be in Dubrovnik May 21st. Maybe you and Nancy can meet us for a glass of red!

  2. george says:

    things goin’ on and you never know what happen next. hope we get the chance for dinner and talk.
    all our love
    george and CC

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