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Relax they have Rules:

An Excerpt from

“OH MY… Football: A book for Mothers”


           The simple reason most moms don’t want their son to play football is they don’t want him to get hurt.  Relax, he probably will and it probably won’t be serious.  First of all let me explain an important difference to you about injuries.  There is a big difference between being ‘hurt’ and being ‘injured’.  If a player is hurt he has a sprain, a pull, a tweak of a muscle and he is expected to play and if he’s a real football player he plays.  If he is injured he has a broken bone, ligament damage or a concussion and in my program he will not play! 

           Want me to quote statistics?  I can but the fact is if the chance of injury is one per cent and your son is the one it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.  In my coaching career I’ve witnessed all sort of bumps, bruises, sprains, breaks and  tears  of feet, ankles, knees, arms, shoulders, spleens, kidneys and brains.  Exactly zero of which have been catastrophic.  So the odds, mom, are long that your son will be the one that is permanently injured on the football field.  Might it happen?  The answer is yes.  Might your boy get in an automobile accident.  The answer is yes.  Does he want to drive?  Of course he does and you let him.   If he wants to play football, let him.

TESTOSTERONE:  “A male steroid hormone produced in the testicles and responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics.”

           The first thing a mother has to understand is that the other mother, nature, or whomever is in charge of things like that put this hormone called testosterone into the male human body.  What it really is, is the fuel for the male aggressiveness.  Most women, except those trying to win Olympic medals, don’t have it.  God wasn’t equal in what he/she put into Adam and Eve’s body, and I’m sorry about that Martha, but that decision was made by a higher authority than me and you’ll just have to accept the fact.

           Back to the fuel.  Somewhere during the early teenage years most boys get that rush from the testicles that affects his aggressiveness.  It’s the reason he wants to beat the crap out of his older sister, so why not channel that aggression in other directions?    Why not another more humane sport moms ask?  The answer to that question is simple, football is a “Contact” sport.  Some famous football coach took umbrage with “Contact” and said, “Dancing is a contact sport, Football is a “Collision” sport.   Ok, either works and young boys crave crashing into one another, in the den, the front yard or the football field.

           Not long ago my physical education class was playing “Dodge Ball”, now there is a Neanderthal game, and one of the teenage girls said to me, “Dodge ball is great because it gives boys a chance to act out their natural aggressiveness without getting thrown in jail.”  She was right and all those administrators that outlawed the game in most PE classes in most school districts around our nation ought to heed her words.  That young girl saw what many older educated folk don’t see or choose to ignore.  The fact of life is the male sex is usually more aggressive and needs an outlet.  Mom you need to accept that fact and then you need to be a supportive mother and allow your boy to channel his aggressiveness into a game that has rules of conduct that insure sanity will prevail.  Then sit in the stands and root for your boy!

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