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Over the years I’ve collected a lot of writing that I’d like to make available to everyone. The wonder of cyberspace opens up a completely new marketing opportunity for people like me who have information to offer. And certainly a web site has a chance to reach substantially more people looking for valuable information.

On this site I offer you fifty years of experience on coaching thousands of players. My philosophy, my play books and all the other pertinent material. Yes, mostly at the high school level but I had my cup of tea with small college, major college and professional football. I’ve experienced football from nearly every viewpoint. I’ve seen and worked with excellence and the opposite.

You’ll see pretty quickly that I’m not a coaching clone, but I believe my career record will prove that my way works. My tested formats can help you become a better coach and hopefully experience a lot more success on the field and maybe even off. Coaching football is an exciting life at every level and I hope this web site can become a place where coaches can learn from a gray haired man who has seen it all.

I have two simple rules; First, don’t embarrass your teammates or me. Second, best player plays. That’s it! In addition I have often shared this goal with friends. I want my players to be able to look me in the eye when their career is over and say, “Coach, I’d do it again in a minute.” Unfortunately too many young football players say to themselves after they have pulled off the jersey for the last time, “God, I’m glad that’s over.”

About ten or twelve years ago one of my players shared this conversation he had with his mother with me. Mom, “What does coach say at those little after practice meetings?” Player, after a moment or two to think of the right answer, “Mom, you just have to be there.” Most of you will not have been in my huddle, but it is my hope that after reading these essays you will feel like, “You were there.”

Thank You and Good luck.

–Coach Smythe

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